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Around the web, February 21

  • Loser pays bills pending in New Hampshire and Tennessee. [Torts Prof]
  • Plaintiffs rely on fraud-on-the-market theory to get class certification in securities case, but, when it comes to avoiding summary judgment, rely on expert who contradicts the theory. Federal judge correctly doesn't buy it. [Roberts]

  • Richard Epstein on health-care markets. [Kirkendall]
  • Unseatbelted teenager dies when falling out of moving car while vomiting; mother and Maryland AG blame Four Loko; press uses photo of boy when he was eleven. [Baltimore Sun via WTOP]
  • Buried lede: federal government hounds 62-year-old to suicide for regulatory infractions. [NYT]
  • Don't try to open a business in San Francisco unless you're already rich. [Wright]
  • Accusation: paternalistic federal prosecutors lax in charging crimes on Indian reservations. Native Americans should be given more self-governance rights. [NYT]
  • A year after Tucson, real-world effects of Koch demonization by Left. Only coverage is local. [Wichita Eagle]
  • What media bias? Double-standards for Santorum. I'm not a Santorum fan (a big-government social conservative is the worst of all possible worlds to me), but I don't understand why he can't be treated fairly. [WSJ]
  • California's demographic revolution. [Mac Donald @ City Journal]

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