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Around the web, October 31

  • DRI overcriminalization panel: Executives, "are now living 'in fear of losing everything' not for personal conduct but for what someone else may have done." [BLT]

  • LIRR disability mills generate indictments for what would have been a $1 billion fraud. The question is why functionally identical mass tort mills aren't facing criminal consequences. [Overlawyered]
  • The late William Stuntz's The Collapse of American Criminal Justice: why the justice system does a bad job of separating defendants who deserve punishment from those who don't. [Cassell @ WSJ via Volokh; Stevens, J., @ NYRB; Chronicle of Higher Ed]
  • The hypocritical attack by Congressional Democrats on Justice Thomas. [Wash Times]
  • Pero criticizes Soros's anti-judicial elections campaign. [Wash Times]
  • NYT Paul Clement profile.
  • How California drives away jobs and business. [Malanga @ WSJ, coming soon to CIty Journal]
  • Utah: you can serve alcohol, you can show movies with nudity, you can't do both simultaneously. [ABAJ]

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