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Around the web, September 30

  • Texas loser pays: just packaging? [Olson]
  • Interesting quantitative statistics in this study of the relationship between top BigLaw firms and top law schools. [Oyer/Schaefer]

  • Jerry Brown vetos AB 559, which would've reversed a rare California Supreme Court case limiting attorneys' fees. (The attorney had asked for $870,000 in fees for winning $11k for his client.) [veto message; CJAC]
  • Judge Sparks defends "kindergarten" order. [WSJ Law Blog; earlier]
  • Refuting Elizabeth Warren's "soak-the-rich" non sequiturs. [Powell; Hinkle; de Rugy; Instapundit]
  • Brian Leiter keeps giving me reasons to stop giving money to University of Chicago Law School. [Bernstein @ Volokh]

  • Latest dumb policy proposal: forgiving student loans. [Wolfers]
  • Ford Motor pulls anti-bailout ad. Under government pressure to do so? [Detroit News; Kaus; Cato; earlier]
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