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What's in the water in Wisconsin?

Left-wing thuggishness is disturbingly common there, and not just in the recent unsuccessful union demonstrations to protect their special-interest privileged status from taxpayers.

  • I'm not particularly surprised that the math shows that the University Wisconsin undergraduate and law schools racially discriminate against whites: such racial discrimination is a matter of course in higher education, and I'm surprised that there aren't more entrepreneurial conservative activists taking this sort of thing on in the courtrooms instead of just writing op-eds. What surprises me is the brazenness with which students and administrators violently shut down a press conference on the subject, and how the left defends such violations of freedom of speech. [CHE (with great link roundup); see also OL]

  • "[O]n September 16, [University of Wisconsin-Stout (UWS) theater professor James] Miller placed a new poster on his office door in response to [the university's] censorship. The poster read 'Warning: Fascism' and included a cartoon image of a silhouetted police officer striking a civilian. The poster mocked, 'Fascism can cause blunt head trauma and/or violent death. Keep fascism away from children and pets.'" The university demanded he take that poster down because of the reference to "violent death." FIRE is on the case.
  • Why hasn't Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley faced any discipline for making false allegations against a fellow justice? [Blaska]
  • Meanwhile, though Governor Scott Walker won a victory for taxpayers against unions, the victory may only be termporary. In previous rollbacks of excessive union benefits—even rollbacks caused by bankruptcy, patient unions just waited for a future friendly government, and got those same excessive benefits restored retroactively. [Greve @ Fed Soc]

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