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Around the web, August 26

  • Yet another study debunking the vaccine-autism link myth, this from National Academy of Sciences. [WaPo]
  • Also not a surprise: no criminal charges in Justice Bradley's claim of being assaulted by Justice Prosser in Wisconsin Supreme Court hearings. Someone should be disbarred over this. [Adler @ Volokh; earlier]
  • The problem of "malfunction theory" in product liability. [Jackson]
  • Six million small businesses might be ensnared by little-publicized NLRB rule of questionable legality creating liability for failure to put up a sign about the NLRA. [NFIB]
  • Suit over closed-door "merit selection" of judges in Hawaii. [Pero]
  • New disclosure process in pending FCPA case will raise costs to criminal defendants. [BLT]
  • Interesting analysis of Minnesota case about third-party criminal liability for the acts of others. [Volokh]
  • Warren Buffett structures his investment in Bank of America to be tax-advantaged. So much for "stop coddling the billionaires." [Stoll; earlier]

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