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Seroquel mass tort settlement?

Alison Frankel is reporting claims that the last major chunk of the Seroquel litigation is settling confidentially at the nuisance rate of about $92 million for 2300 claims (after the first 25000 or so cases settled for an even smaller $647 million). These are figures that reflect avoiding the costs of defense rather than any risk of loss. Some plaintiffs who envisioned big pots of gold after being recruited by firms that advertised for Seroquel plaintiffs and then had their claims sold en masse to the chicken pluckers are disgruntled, but mass-tort litigation is designed to benefit the attorneys, rather than any plaintiffs, victims or otherwise. (Separately, I find it fascinating that attorneys are not allowed to hire runners to recruit clients—with the result that some attorneys effectively act as "chicken-catchers" indistinguishable from runners.)

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