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Around the web, August 22

  • California appellate court ignores Supreme Court precedent in affirming $13.8 million punitive damages award. [Cal Punitives; ATRA; WLF; BLD; SF Chronicle; Bullock v. Philip Morris; earlier Cal Punitives coverage]
  • Lots of holes in asbestos bankruptcy trusts according to RAND. [Corp Counsel; RAND; earlier from Brickman and POL]
  • "Federal Asset Seizures Rise, Netting Innocent With Guilty" [WSJ]
  • Sixth Circuit takes Rule 23's superiority requirement seriously, reverses class certification when there would be adverse public policy effects from not letting litigation proceed on an individual basis. [Trask]
  • More on the Shelton decision. [WSJ Law blog; WSJ; earlier]
  • All-star lineup at National Press Club September 27 to discuss SCOTUS OT2011. [Fed Soc]
  • The myth of the food desert. [Gratzer; OL]
  • Posner: "The persistence of the depression, however, is due in part at least to surprising failures of the Obama administration--poor leadership, poor management, the sponsorship of incomprehensibly complex health care and financial regulation laws that have created widespread uncertainty that has discouraged consumption and investment, and the inability to explain the nature of the economy's problems to the general public." [TNR]

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