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Around the web, August 16

  • Twenty years of Sentencing Guidelines for corporate compliance. [Paul McNulty]
  • AT&T Mobility sues to stop scheme to misuse arbitration to block merger. [complaint @ Reuters (h/t W.K.); earlier at POL]
  • Presser: Obama likely to stall Supreme Court consideration of healthcare reform constitutionality. [LNL]
  • No honor among trial-lawyers: six class action law firms file copycat lawsuits free-riding off of e-book antitrust conspiracy theory. [Frankel]
  • ABA censures Villanova Law for misleading students about employment prospects, Villanova buries censure on its website. [ABA; related at NLJ]
  • IJ wins Supreme Court battle over Arizona clean elections law, a victory for free speech. [IJ; earlier on POL]
  • That Righthaven business model runs into the wee problem that it is explicitly precluded by law. [Property Intangible; Legal Satyricon; EFF; OL]

  • Jeff Koons drops his litigation claiming exclusive rights to balloon-dog-shaped sculpture. [Artinfo; NYT]

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