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Around the web, August 3

  • The SEC's remarkable losing streak. [Bradford via Bainbridge; earlier]
  • Department of Education's strange insistence on depriving students and teachers of their rights under the pretense of enforcing Title IX. [Bader; Bennett; Sommers; see also Young]
  • What pro-business court? Does Matrixx complicate application of Daubert? [WLF; Beck]
  • Congressional staff lawyers who drafted Dodd-Frank cashing in. [Carney; Stoll]
  • Judge Kavanaugh concurrence lays open roadmap for challenging Humphrey's Executor and the power of independent agencies. [Elwood @ Volokh]
  • Judicial hellholes in action: Illinois state court preliminarily approves coupon settlement against CVS that will pay lawyers $950,000. [LNL]
  • Best Buy threatens to sue competitor who advertised against a hypothetical big-box store where ignorant employees wear blue shirts. Also, because competitor uses the word "geek" in its slogan. [NYT via ABAJ]

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