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Around the web, June 24

  • West Virginia Supreme Court upholds non-economic damages caps in med-mal cases, correctly noting that it's not the role of the judiciary to second-guess the policy decisions of the legislature. [LNL; opinion at Torts Prof blog]
  • Can Republicans make an issue of the Obama administration's overcriminalization of business? After being beaten up for over two years, business leaders seem much less friendly to Obama's fund-raising overtures than in 2008. [Henderson via Kirkendall; NY Post]
  • Senate Judiciary Committee plans to bash Supreme Court at hearing on Wednesday. [SJC]
  • Jim Hannah has more on Chesley disbarment. [Cincy Enquirer]
  • FTC opposes Midland and Encore class-action settlement. [FTC; earlier (state AGs)]

  • Chutzpah: plaintiffs who won settlement in Texas judicial hellhole now seek to recover $5.6 M in payments to their attorneys because their attorney bribed the judge. Shouldn't the defendant be intervening in that lawsuit? [Courthouse News]

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