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Around the web, June 18

  • Fallout: Ohio bars disbarred Chesley from representing it in class action. [Cincinnati.com; Adler @ Volokh; earlier and earlier]
  • Tennessee caps non-economic damages at $750,000 [LNL]
  • Is McLean County, Illinois, ignoring the law in asbestos cases? [Rickard @ Chi Trib]
  • Obvious except to Third Circuit: SCOTUS rules that defendants can challenge Tenth Amendment constitutionality of overfederalization of crimes they've been charged with. [Shapiro @ Cato; Bond v. United States]

  • It's not quite loser pays, but recent amendments to 28 U.S.C. ยง 1920 may at least shift costs of excessive e-discovery in some cases. [Beck]
  • Clifford Taylor takes on Sandra Day O'Connor on judicial elections and "merit selection" at Wayne State U conference. [Pero; Severino]
  • California high school tripped up by overbroad state child porn law. [Reason]

  • Why, yes, the Center for Class Action Fairness LLC is likely to object to the Pampers Dry Max diaper settlement. But I don't blog for Above the Law. [Jackson; Miller]
  • I strongly suspect that the requirements of dramatic arc and the fact that HBO got someone blue-eyed and hunky to play "Ted Frank" in the movie instead of Jon Lovitz or Judah Friedlander means that I'm going to be portrayed relatively sympathetically. [IMDB]

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