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Bateman v. AMC Theaters

A remarkable settlement notice of a FACTA class action is unlikely to draw any objectors: the class consists of people who used a credit card at an AMC theater in a eight-week window in 2006-07 and got back a receipt that revealed too many credit-card digits, so unless you save four-year-old credit card receipts or have a very good memory, you're unlikely to be eligible to object. The remedy is coupons (well, "vouchers") for free popcorn that the plaintiffs' attorneys will no doubt seek to value at full price, though the vouchers are unlikely to be fully used. And even if they are, AMC is unlikely to mind: who buys salty popcorn at a theater without having already paid $10+ for a ticket and also spending at least $4 for 25 cents worth of soda? The class attorneys, Spiro Moss, don't even disclose how much they're going to seek in attorneys' fees. [Case No. CV07-171 JHN (AJWx) (C.D. Cal.).]

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