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Around the web, March 10

  • Marvelous exposition by Judge Alsup about factors to consider in evaluating a class action settlement. If all judges were this conscientious, I'd have to shut down the Center for Class Action Fairness for lack of cases. [Trask]
  • Pittsburgh FACTA suit settled for sandwiches and cy pres. Dworken & Bernstein—particularly bad cy pres offenders—gets cash that almost certainly outstrips the relief to the class. [Post-Gazette; Hoxha v. Primanti Bros. Restaurant Corp., No. 10-355 (W.D. Pa.) (h/t J.B.)]
  • Seventh Circuit rejects attempt to sidestep Rule 23(b)(3) in breach-of-contract class action. [Jackson]
  • Add Chic-Fil-A to the list of vendors that sells coffee that can cause third-degree burns, and another data point about how trial lawyers lie about the McDonald's coffee case. [Abnormal Use]
  • West Virginia needs an intermediate appeals court. [Charleston Daily Mail]
  • House considers Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny ("REINS") Act. [Claeys testimony]
  • Josh Blackman discusses the "Ted Frank rule." [Blackman]

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