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Around the web, February 10

  • TRO against collection in Chevron Ecuador case. [AP/NYT]
  • Responses to Laurence Tribe (NYT) on the Obamacare lawsuits. [Yoo @ Ricochet; Epstein @ Ricochet; Adler @ Volokh; Tabarrok; Instapundit roundup]
  • Zach Scruggs has already served his time for his role in the Scruggs bribery scandal, but is arguing to undo his guilty plea. [LNL]
  • Putative consumer fraud class action against sugary Nutella spread over the standard "part of a healthy breakfast" language. [WLF; OL link roundup]
  • New York Times and Washington Post continue to lie about Citizens United; the Times editorial page is particularly bad about legal issues, refusing even to issue corrections. [Atlantic; Volokh]
  • More media bias on judicial confirmations. [Whelan]
  • Sara Wexler on the pending Brueswitz v. Wyeth Supreme Court case. [DJCLPP Sidebar]
  • My oral argument in the Ninth Circuit in the Bluetooth class action settlement case. [CCAF]
  • Japanese anime satirizes American legal system. [Siouxsie via OL]

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