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Around the web, January 27

  • The learned intermediary rule and direct-to-consumer advertising in pharmaceutical litigation. [Beck]
  • Seems obvious: if unemployment is an issue, reduce the costs to employers of hiring people by reducing the legal expenses associated with employment. A shame the US has gone in the opposite direction in the last four years. [Olson @ Cato]
  • In Wisconsin, third party permitted to conduct discovery of therapist-patient relationship in claim against therapist over "recovered memories." The therapist is a quack, but it's hard to see a good limiting principle for this third-party claim that isn't going to eventually intrude on legitimate privacy interests. Hard cases make bad law. [On Point]
  • Cass Sunstein 1, House Republicans 0. [Weigel @ Slate]
  • Money does not play a dispositive role in politics. [Sullum @ Reason]
  • Greg Mankiw's clever idea for reducing the deficit. [Mankiw]

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