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Around the web, January 11

  • More on the Demetrious Biller suit, including the arbitral opinion. [Corporate Counsel/law.com; earlier @ POL]
  • ADA amendments: bad for business? California small businesses getting sued would probably say yes. [Harned/McBride @ Fed Soc; SF Chronicle]
  • No tears shed for Henry Waxman losing his chairmanship. [Olson @ Cato]
  • "The Insider Trading Bread and Circus" [Silverglate @ Forbes]
  • Law schools are tournaments, not lotteries. [CHE]
  • Parents of deceased lesbian challenge validity of same-sex marriage for inheritance purposes. [ABA J]
  • Watch what you say about lawyers dept.: Kentucky plaintiffs' lawyer sues Twitterer over line "But she should have hired a reputable attorney!" Court dismisses: "It matters not if such opinion was wrong, uninformed or pernicious. His comments were, and are, constitutionally protected." It's nice when a court resolves something so straightforward in only two months. [Cincinnati Enquirer; Cincinnati Enquirer]

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