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Around the web, December 29

  • No class certification in light cigarette class action in Maine. [Jackson; In re Light Cigarettes Mktg. Sales Pract. Lit. (D. Me. 2010)]

  • The silly Happy Meal lawsuit; meanwhile, South LA's "temporary" fast-food ban has turned permanent. [Olson @ NYDN; Reason]
  • Mississippi court reverses one of the few welding plaintiffs' verdicts on statute-of-limitations grounds. The mass tort—which apparently featured more than its share of mass tort fraud—has petered away as the defendants put up a firm defense instead of settling. [Wajert]
  • "The dangerous allure of behavioral economics." [Richard Epstein @ TOTM]
  • Unintended consequences and the incandescent bulb ban. [Carney @ Washington Examiner]
  • Vioxx MDL awards plaintiffs' committee $315 million, which isn't unreasonable for a $4.85 billion settlement. [American Lawyer; opinion]
  • In a Wisconsin case, the Brady Center does a very good job in finding a distasteful defendant to promote a legal theory of nuisance and liability for selling guns illegally. [WSJ]
  • Federalist Society debate on the constitutionality of healthcare reform, featuring Barnett, Cordray, Fried, and Rivkin. [Fed Soc]

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