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Around the web, December 28

  • Ten most significant class action decisions of the year. [Trask]
  • And another one to come: Janus Capital v. 1st Derivative Traders is a replay of Stoneridge. [WSJ ($); SCOTUSblog argument recap; briefing and transcript]
  • The partisan crocodile tears and misleading ethics charges of the Constitutional Accountability Center. [Adler @ Volokh]
  • Trial lawyers in BP case strike back at Ken Feinberg; meanwhile, the Gulf doesn't seem to have suffered long-term damage. [WSJ Law Blog; Weekly Standard via Kir]
  • I imagine it's bad luck when your toxic tort case has Daubert problems and your plaintiff is named "Junk." [Wajert; Junk v. Terminix (8th Cir.)]
  • [Cass] "Sunstein's own mental constitution is one of many minds." [Claremont Institute]
  • Device lag at the FDA—and manufacturers afraid to say anything about it. MR
  • Obama's immigration strategy is in conflict with his anti-inequality strategy. [Kaus]

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