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Around the web, December 10

  • Thorogood v. Sears, Roebuck & Co.—the Seventh Circuit case that keeps giving us good opinions, this one the fourth in a series. [LNL; NLJ; Courthouse News; SBM Blog; ABAJ; Wisconsin LJ] (Update: and Drug and Device Law later this morning.)
  • Radio story about ADA filing mill. [This American Life via CJAC]
  • Will $189 million Hurricane Ike settlement be opened to the public? [Austin American-Statesman via ABAJ]
  • Bad idea division: Washington Supreme Court abrogates economic loss doctrine. [Jackson via OL]
  • Wal-Mart v. Dukes case features intersection of two conflicting strains of Justice Ginsburg's jurisprudence: distaste for procedural shortcuts of class actions and friendliness to gender discrimination claims. [Lahav]
  • Dumb syllogism department: "I think reproductive rights are important. There are some important reproductive rights cases. Therefore all law students should be required to take courses in reproductive rights law." [ATL]
  • When will SEC run afoul of the First Amendment? [Bainbridge]
  • Dog bites man department: Dahlia Lithwick not especially entirely intellectually honest in characterizing conservative legal arguments. Again. [Kerr @ Volokh; Bernstein @ Volokh]
  • I stand corrected. ("Forget" was definitely the wrong verb.) [Ribstein @ TOTM]
  • Actor who played the Johnnie Cochran parody on "Seinfeld" very impressed with himself; thinks hot-coffee case was silly. [Abnormal Use]

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