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Around the web, November 18

  • Tobacco companies have won several consecutive Engle trials in Florida. [American Lawyer; Fisher @ Forbes]
  • Lots of detail of the EPIC appeal of new TSA screening regulations. [LTB]
  • Chutzpah: Minnesota man who was sent to jail for killing three people in auto accident, freed by blaming Toyota "sudden acceleration," is now suing Toyota. [AP/WaPo]

  • Paycheck Fairness Act blocked with a 41-58 cloture vote; Democrats will have to flip two Republicans. Lots of people continue to point out it's a bad bill. [Olson @ Cato; Shopfloor; Boston Globe; W$J]
  • "A New Jersey man gets seven years for being a responsible gun owner." [Balko @ Reason]
  • It's widely reported that the US lost over $4 billion on the sale of its shares in the GM IPO yesterday—but that doesn't include the billions of dollars of tax incentives given to the company that its competitors won't get. It's not even a question of the government switching money between pockets, because the government owns only 61% of the revenue stream from the tax break. [Anderson @ Volokh]

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