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Around the web, October 28

  • "Foreclosures on the rocks" [OL]
  • Vaccines and the Supreme Court. [Fumento]
  • Ninth Circuit panel on Arizona immigration includes Judge Paez, whom we've seen before. [Politico]
  • John Berlau repeats my warning about Dodd-Frank and free checking. [WSJ]
  • California court sides with attorneys against SLAPP victims. [Cal. Attorney's Fees blog; Moore v. Kaufman]
  • Similarly, panelists at a Chamber of Commerce event lament that attorneys have yet to be sanctioned in the silicosis fraud case of years and years ago now. [BLT]
  • A Florida town notorious for insurance fraud has government shenanigans going on still. [St. P. Times]
  • Democrats' double-standard on anonymous election speech. [Hayward @ NRO]

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