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Cuomo's posturing on LIRR retirement abuses

Jonas Stankovich at FrumForum on why the New York AG's probe has yielded skimpy results:

...The only problem was that the LIRR retirement system is regulated largely by the federal Railroad Retirement Board, which also pays disability benefits to retirees. The Railroad Retirement Board has a history of being lax; 98% of American railroad workers who file to retire on disability are granted such status. When Cuomo launched his investigation, he had to have known that, as a state prosecutor, he would have little jurisdiction over federal regulations.

Stankovich says Cuomo has not even called for reform of the lax federal rules, calling into question how serious he ever was about curtailing the abuse in the first place. Earlier here and here.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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