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Orange County versus Toyota, cont'd

Lucy Dunn of the Orange County Business Council doesn't have high marks for county D.A. Tony Rackauckas's suit against the Japanese automaker [Fox and Hounds]:

Mr. Rackauckas says the lawsuit was motivated by questioning if Toyota "puts profits over people." Interesting choice of words for a DA who seeks monetary damages from a company through a contingency fee agreement with a private law firm. Is this to fill his own diminished department coffers in a very tough economy? Determining whether or not Toyota "used deceptive business practices" should not be the responsibility of a county, nor the DA, nor is it good public policy in the trend by government agencies to use private contingency fee lawyers to go after business. And please share with us, Mr. D.A: exactly what is your financial arrangement with the private law firm you hired to go after Toyota?

Incidentally, as we've noted before, Mark Robinson, whose firm Rackauckas hired, is the same lawyer who tossed a rather magnificent $1 million donation to help launch UC Irvine's new "public interest oriented" law school, and sat on its dean search committee.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
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Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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