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Around the web, January 21

Health care liability edition:

  • How trial lawyers kept serious malpractice reform out of the House and Senate bills [L.A. Times]
  • "Tort reform hangs in the balance in Georgia" [Ann Latner, Clinical Advisor]
  • "Lawyers trolling for St. Joseph's stent patients" [Jay Hancock, Baltimore Sun]
  • At Children's Hospital, Boston, doctors vainly try in eight procedures to save 3 year old with heart birth defect, family awarded $15 M [Boston Globe via White Coat]
  • Med-mal in New Jersey: "Yes, it is a crisis" [NJLRA, more]
  • "How only lawyers can determine medical standard of care" [Ohio gastroenterologist Michael Kirsch, KevinMD]
  • Pro/con debates on the subject [White Coat v. Max Kennerly in Emergency Physicians Monthly; Randolph Pate v. C. Andrew Childers in the Atlanta Journal Constitution]
  • Michael Frakes, "Malpractice Standards of Care and Regional Variations in Physician Practice Styles" [SSRN via TortsProf]
  • Wisconsin Senate votes to allow malpractice suit damages for pain and suffering by parents of adult-age children [AP/WKBT]



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