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Around the web, January 5

State of legal academia edition:

  • Ph.D to be needed for law teaching before long? [Hoffman, Ribstein, Greenfield] Related: "Another reason to be happy you went to law school" [Kopel/Volokh]
  • Left-leaning UC Irvine public law school: next year's entering class will get 50% scholarship [WSJ Law Blog] "Georgetown Antes Up $1M to Offer 'Free' Tuition to Public Interest Grads" [ABA Journal]
  • Jeffrey Harrison: What Rents are Law Professors and Law Schools Seeking? [Reynolds] "Are law professors necessary?" "Is law school worth it?" [Ribstein on Siems and on Schlunk] "Law School 4.0" [Paul Lippe, AmLaw Daily]
  • More ABA pressure on law schools to teach the approved message on "diversity" controversies [Bernstein/Volokh] Critical Race Studies alive and well at March conference ("we will re-visit the origins of intersectionality as a theoretical frame and site of legal interventions and consider its still unfolding potential for unmasking subordination and provoking social change") [Wenger, ConcurOp]
  • "He's so brilliant I can barely follow him!": flash and obscurity in legal scholarship [Kerr/Volokh]
  • And I'm pleased to announce that I've completed a first draft of my work in progress about bad ideas from the law schools and how they changed the world, to be published by Encounter Books.



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