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Around the web, January 2

  • "At Dechert -- and Elsewhere? -- Litigation Coming Back to Life" [WSJ Law Blog]
  • But the private sector still can't do it: "State Dept Argues for Continuation of Mandatory Retirement Age for Foreign Service" [Workplace Prof]
  • Are taxpayers entitled to scrutinize doings of "labor studies" centers at public universities? [Inside Higher Ed, Michelle Malkin]
  • Uh-oh: proposal to create private right of action under FCPA [FCPA Professor, more] Enforcement of the statute ten years ago, and today [same]
  • Objectors to Wal-Mart Massachusetts wage/hour settlement seem to have upped payout by $20 million [AmLaw]
  • Paul Cassell on dismissal of Blackwater guard prosecution [Volokh]



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