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Around the web, December 11

  • No Federalist Society members need apply? [Randy Cohen/The Ethicist, New York Times; Kerr and Somin at Volokh (go ahead and leave it on your resume if applying for BigLaw jobs, but take it off if applying to academia), Above the Law, Steele/LEF]
  • Cell phones still don't cause brain cancer [Health Day]
  • Revealing its assumptions, New York Times says "despite" power grab by Chavez over economy, corruption grows in Venezuela [Stoll, Future of Capitalism]
  • "Lawyers with retrospectoscopes": med mal and defensive medicine roundup from blogger White Coat; Texas attorney general defends state medical malpractice reforms [Legal NewsLine]; trial lawyer attacks on med-mal insurers often fail to mention dominant role in market of doctor-owned mutuals [Ownby, CJAC]
  • "Minnesotans anticipate legislative battle over statute of limitations" [PNW]
  • And of course get sued if you don't document things, too: "Papering a personnel file as evidence of retaliation?" [Hyman]



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