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Around the web, November 25

  • Consumer columnist's suit against Hartford newspaper could raise novel issues under Connecticut law purporting to apply First Amendment to employers [Schwartz]
  • Climate flap: "If these were internal Exxon-Mobil e-mails, the trial lawyers would be racing out the door with only one pants-leg filled" [Goldberg/NRO via Reynolds]
  • "Colorado Appellate Courts Continue To Tighten Class-Action Claims" [Law Week Online]
  • LaShawn Barber on housing suit and Westchester County voter revolt [ACRI]
  • Med-mal filings surged in Tennessee as reform effective date approached, then slumped afterward [Day, Throckmorton]
  • "This creepy, cultlike form of organizing": unions and "pink sheeting" [NYT]
    Expect less transparency about union doings, though, as DoL switches off the spotlight [Heritage via ShopFloor]



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