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Around the web, November 20

  • Moving beyond judicial elections? Chamber's Institute for Legal Reform has a new report out (PDF) on the subject of "Best Practices in Judicial Merit Selection" More: Gavel Grab. Earlier: here, here, etc.
  • Latest from the Jury Verdict Research people: employers winning less, paying more [Toth, Manpower Blawg]
  • Critique of new Cass Sunstein book on constitutional interpretation [Steven Menashi, Policy Review]
  • Judge refuses to dismiss medical monitoring claim in West Virginia DuPont Teflon pollution suit [Jackson]
  • Alien Tort Statute discussed by Kenneth Anderson at Volokh [first, second, third, fourth posts]
  • Liability is said to add $7.96/visit at one D.C. gastroenterologist's office, and one lawyer-blogger thinks patients oughta be grateful to get off so cheap [Day]



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