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"A trendy way to die" -- in New York's best neighborhoods?

John Snyder at GothamSkeptic:

My pediatric practice is situated at the nexus of three Manhattan neighborhoods (the West Village, Chelsea, and the Meat Packing District) that seem to comprise just the right balance of wealth, edginess, and socio-cultural awareness that lends itself to this new mistrust of vaccines. But these neighborhoods are not unique. According to sources at the NYC DOH, the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Park Slope in Brooklyn are also hot-spots of parental vaccine resistance. What stands out about these neighborhoods, and others like them, is that they contain a high percentage of middle to upper middle class families that tend to be young, well educated, and liberal in their political and social views. ... The increasing number of such hot-zones has already resulted in outbreaks of completely preventable childhood disease.

And for a longer, more detailed treatment, don't miss Amy Wallace's cover story on antivaccinationism in Wired, which has already had a wide impact (and led to vicious attacks on its author). There's even a sidebar entitled "The Misinformants" that points an accusatory finger at the egregious Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., though it doesn't mention his ties to trial lawyers.



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