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Tort reform provisions in the Senate Finance health care bill

Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) of the Senate Finance Committee has just released the highly anticipated "chairman's mark" of health care legislation, the version of a reform bill that stands a prospect of passage.

Here's what it says about tort reform:

Current Law
No provision.
Chairman's Mark
The Chairman's Mark would express the Sense of the Senate that health care reform presents an opportunity to address issues related to medical malpractice and medical liability insurance. The Mark would further express the Sense of the Senate that states should be encouraged to develop and test alternatives to the current civil litigation system as a way of improving patient safety, reducing medical errors, encouraging the efficient resolution of disputes, increasing the availability of prompt and fair resolution of disputes, and improving access to liability insurance, while preserving an individual's right to seek redress in court. The Mark would express the Sense of the Senate that Congress should consider establishing a state demonstration program to evaluate alternatives to the current civil litigation system.

It is further the sense of the Senate that should hell freeze over...

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