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The results in other state AG races

In addition to the West Virginia race described in Walter's post immediately below (the tightest AG race in the nation), here's a roundup of the ten other state attorneys general races I've been able to get information on (percentages are approximate):

Indiana -- Incumbent Steve Carter (R) defeated Joseph Hogsett (D), 58%-42%. (John Tuohy, "Voters re-elect GOP's Carter," Indianapolis Star, Nov. 3.)

Missouri -- Incumbent Jay Nixon (D) won a fourth term in his race against Chris Byrd (R), 60%-38%.

Montana -- Incumbent Mike McGrath (D) was unopposed for a second term.

North Carolina -- Incumbent Roy Cooper (D) beat Joe Knott (R), 55%-45%. (Bruce Siceloff, "Cooper re-elected handily," Raleigh News-Observer, Nov. 3.)

North Dakota -- Incumbent Wayne Stenehjem (R) defeated Bruce Schoenwald (D) by the largest margin of the night, 73%-27%.

Oregon -- Incumbent Hardy Myers (D) won a third term by beating Paul Connolly (R), 55%-40%.

Pennsylvania -- In the race to fill the seat vacated by Mike Fisher (now a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit), Tom Corbett (R) beat Jim Eisenhower (D), 51%-49%. ("Corbett has slight lead," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Nov. 3.)

Utah -- Incumbent Mark Shurtleff (R) defeated Gregory Skordas (D), 67%-33%. (Zack Van Eyck, "GOP retains 3 state posts," Deseret Morning News, Nov. 3.)

Vermont -- Incumbent William Sorrell (D) won a fourth (2-year) term by defeating Dennis Carver (R), 65%-35%.

Washington -- In the race to succeed Democrat Christine Gregoire (who may or may not be the next governor of the state), Rob McKenna (R) defeated Deborah Senn (D), 55%-45%. (Stuart Eskenazi, "McKenna declaring victory in campaign for attorney general," Seattle Times, Nov. 3.)

Bottom line: In the 2 races for open seats, the GOP picked up Washington, and held on to Pennsylvania -- both Kerry states (by 53% and 51%, respectively).

One question: It looks as though the second term of Maine's Steven Rowe (D) ends this year. I have it on good authority that the Maine AG is appointed by the legislature, but I can't find any evidence of Rowe being re-appointed. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Finally, Ken Salazar's successful race for the U.S. Senate seat in Colorado leaves that state's AG position open.



Rafael Mangual
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