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Around the web, September 3

International human rights law edition:

  • $21 million Maine verdict against Cuba stirs blogger interest [Legal Blog Watch]
  • Things you probably didn't know about extraterritoriality, from Wikipedia article on it [Tyler Cowen]. Spain backing away from its rules allowing prosecutions of foreign government officials [Posner, Volokh]
  • "Convergence" theories: "Is globalization of constitutional law inevitable?" [Eric Posner on Mark Tushnet] Eric Engle, "The Globalization of Tort Law" [Mass Tort Lit]
  • Appeals court sweepingly rebuffs lawsuit seeking to blame Coca-Cola for murders in Colombia [American Lawyer] DaimlerChrysler wins 9th Circuit appeal on charges of human rights violations in 1970s-80s Argentina [The Recorder]
  • Has incursion of international human rights law into domestic context "stalled in recent years"? [ABA panel]
  • Claim: critics' inability to block Harold Koh nomination is "sovereigntism's last stand" [Peter Spiro, Opinio Juris; Eric Posner, Volokh]



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