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Around the web, July 9

  • Asbestos: "UK Advisory Panel Advises Against Treating Pleural Plaques as a Compensable Industrial Disease" [Hartley, see also]
  • MI's Heather Mac Donald on Ricci, Sotomayor, and the "race industry" [City Journal]
  • TJX will pay $9.75 million to settle state AG's complaints over data breach [Kevin Funnell, Bank Lawyer's Blog]
  • Protectionism watch: London think tank provides "portal for keeping track of new trade-distorting policies or measures that creep up around the world." [Global Trade Alert from Center for Economic Policy Studies via NYT "Economix"]
  • Despite its success, Obama doesn't want to emulate California's MICRA law on medical liability [California Civil Justice]
  • 1,100 lawprofs sign Alliance for Justice letter backing Sotomayor, no doubt after very careful examination of her jurisprudence [Adler @ Volokh]



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