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A bit of politics following the Montana asbestos ruling

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) issued a statement upon the jury's decision in the federal criminal trial of W.R. Grace and its former executives for covering up the health damage caused by mining of asbestos-laden vermiculite in Libby, Montana. "Disappointing verdict," she says. So the jury was wrong?

Today's disappointing verdict is a reminder of the urgent need to ban asbestos in America. The families of Libby, Montana have suffered enough and my thoughts are with them today. The terrible sacrifices they have endured are shared by the families of more than 10,000 Americans who die every year from asbestos-related diseases - deaths that are preventable.

Asbestos destroys lives and the tragedy at Libby has shown that it can
devastate entire communities.  We must move forward to protect America's workers and families once and for all.

Murray has a section of her official website devoted to asbestos. The last entry before Friday's was in December 2007. There is no asbestos-related legislation pending in Congress.

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