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Around the web, March 21

  • "Will budget deficits tempt states to dip into their client security funds? Apparently so." [Vischer, Legal Ethics Forum]
  • This will not end well: incoming no. 2 official at FDA was Henry Waxman's health adviser [Steir/ACSH, Forbes, Ron Bailey, Reason]
  • "Smithsonian and 27-Year Employee in Battle Over Asbestos" [WaPo]
  • "ADA Amendments Mean Employers Need to Be More Cautious" [Behrendt, Texas Lawyer]
  • New frontiers of criminalization: feds may prosecute doctors for overly close ties to drugmakers [OhMyGov]
  • Alarming unintended effects of minimum wage laws in Honduras [QandO]



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
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Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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