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Around the web, February 13

  • Parol evidence rule usually seen as helping defense side in employment litigation, but not always [Workplace Prof Blog]
  • "Businesses' Data Collection: What Legal Risks Exist and Who Can Sue If Breaches Occur?" (WLF, PDF)
  • "It's hard for women lawyers to hear, but it's true": male lawyers tend to do better in mock jury experiments [Anne Reed, Deliberations]
  • Upcoming Feb. 24 webcast: Liability of Professionals in the Financial Crisis [Securities Docket]
  • NYU School of Law magazine: Roderick Hills and Catherine Sharkey on pre-emption [via Mass Tort Lit]
  • Push for broad tort reform package in South Carolina [S.C. Civil Justice Coalition]



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Project Manager,
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Katherine Lazarski
Manhattan Institute


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