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Election roundup

  • Suing their way into office? Political contestants filing lawsuits galore against their opponents [WSJ, Legal Times, Incisive Media]
  • About that "Michigan Supreme Court rated worst in the nation" smear campaign [RightMichigan; more from Eric Posner @ Volokh]
  • Supposed conservative takeover of U.S. Supreme Court: beyond the hype [Mauro, Legal Times summarized at LawBeat]
  • Jonathan Adler on vastly-improved Ohio Supreme Court in the balance [NRO, earlier]
  • Presumably the folks decrying incivility in judicial races will come down hard on trial-lawyer-allied Texas Watch for its demagogic swipes against Texas Supreme Court. Right? [Ambrogi]
  • Unfortunately, if unsurprisingly, Alabama and Mississippi once again have some of the nation's most acrimonious high court races [Overlawyered]
  • Despite those big donations (thanks Illinois AG Madigan!) I'll be independent of SimmonsCooper if elected, says candidate for Delaware governor Jack Markell [Wilmington News-Journal, letter to editor, earlier]



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