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President who cares about Barney Smith before Smith Barney - Bar Raised MUCH Higher for RNC

I won't preach to the choir: Attorneys know the power of brilliant stagecraft bunded with an inspired performance. Isn't that how Steve Farese saved Mary Winkler from a murder conviction? So, no hyperbole from me about what could go down in American political history as Obama Thursday. The man took back the hearts and minds of Americans who had been persuaded that Barack Obama couldn't win.

Veering from their usual overwrought emotionality, the Dems tonight took on the buttoned-down presentation skills of the GOP to warm up the crowd for Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

There was reserved Susan Eisenhower, all lady, all political aristocrat as part of the Ike pedigree - but no longer a card-carrying Republican. She had now chosen to be an Independent.

Then military leadership in all their straight-arrow bearing came forth and declared Obama as their commander-in-chief.

The usually too-sunny Joe Biden grew a heart and indicated he and Obama were there for the "millions of Americans who have been knocked down."

The show-stopper was the real-people delegates. They told how they were doing well and then got "knocked down." One gave the Dems their new mantra. He was Barney Smith from the Midwest. He told the 75,000 gathered in the open air in that sports stadium that America needed a president who cared for Barney Smith before Smith Barney.

The man who the experts had written off then did the rest. The Baby Boomer I am experienced his oratory as a return to the eloquence of the Kennedy and Reagan eras.

My hunch is that the GOP strategists are returning to the drawing board. What they created for next week's performance will likely need to be overhauled. As a speechwriter, I wax euphoric that between Hillary Tuesday and Obama Thursday my industry has gotten plenty more respect and a surge in demand.

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Rafael Mangual
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Legal Policy

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