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Around the Web - August 13, 2008

Employment Law
Micro-inequities such as not getting a chummy nickname or being taken out to lunch are the focus of a recent ABA journal article claiming they have a big work impact.

Are we all disabled now? Shyness as a disability. And more on ADA abusers, arguing that such abuses will ultimately harm legitimate disability claims.

Green Fatigue, Global Warming and the Therapeutic Something or Other

Yikes! You know carbon footprints are stepping on toes when not one, but two New York Times bloggers confess to green fatigue and concerns about a nanny nation.

NYU medical school clinic prescribes house plants for allegedly polluted indoor air, sunflowers for soil believed to contain lead, window treatments, tadpoles and succulents - to help people translate their environmental anxiety into concrete action. This clinician has a lab coat, a mock medicine cabinet, but no M.D. The New York Times describes her as an artist, designer and engineer to whom patients can bring their environmental concerns for her prescriptions. A professor of environmental medicine at the NYU School of Medicine describes this as a service that is needed to show people that they can "do something" about these anxieties. And who is subsidizing this?

In light of the above, a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece on global warming as public hysteria - is recommended reading - and re-reading.



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