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Judicial Conference of the U.S.: preserve litigation confidentiality

From CJAC:

The Judicial Conference of the United States formally opposes a personal injury lawyer-sponsored bill designed to deny judges the discretion to protect the privacy of individuals and businesses in litigation.

U.S. District Judge Mark J. Kravitz, who spoke on behalf of the Judicial Conference, urged a House Judiciary panel to reject the deceptively-named "Sunshine in Litigation Act," (H.R. 5884), because it "would make discovery more expensive, more burdensome, and more time-consuming, and would threaten important privacy issues."

"A more thorough and powerful criticism of the national personal injury lawyers' anti-privacy campaign could hardly be imagined," John H. Sullivan, president of the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC), said of Kravitz's testimony....

A copy of the testimony is here (PDF).

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