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More Scruggs trouble (Rigsby branch)

Judge William M. Acker Jr. has ruled that key Scruggs Katrina co-operators Cori and Kerry Rigsby must pay $65,000 in contempt fines, and Dickie Scruggs is continuing to fight those payments on the renegade insurance adjusters' behalf, with not much time left before Acker's deadline (Anita Lee, Biloxi Sun-Herald). Meanwhile, Scruggs says he is under no obligation to pay the high bills that law firm Zuckerman Spaeder ran up representing the Rigsbys (it eventually withdrew after going unpaid for too long). That prompted a post from the inimitable David Rossmiller, which begins as follows:

Two questions.

Number 1.

Q: How close is this whole Rigsby mess to unraveling, like a crow swooping down, grabbing a loose thread on your suit and flying off?

A: Apparently, pretty close.

Number 2.

Q: When is an agreement to indemnify someone's expense not an agreement to indemnify someone's expenses?

A: Apparently, when Dickie Scruggs is involved....

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