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Here are a few of the problems with activist AGs

To be expected... you can't poke fun at the trial-lawyer front groups without eliciting a round of sneering and mockery in return, which is how the PopTort blog responds to yesterday's post about the Center for Justice and Democracy's "white paper" on activist attorneys general, "State Attorneys General: The People's Champion."

We thought the over-the-top enthusiasm of the authors for litigating AGs spoke for itself, but the front folk thought otherwise. Fair enough. So here are some substantive critiques of excessive litigation and activism by state attorneys general:

Coincidently, today's Wall Street Journal carries a relevant editorial, "A 'So-Called' Attorney General," reviewing the corruption and collusion that results when activist AGs get into bed with the plaintiff's bar.

Lawsuit legend and admitted felon Dickie Scruggs is headed for the Big House, but his methods are continuing to tarnish his partner in lawsuits, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood. Last week, Alabama federal Judge William Acker gave Mr. Hood a well deserved whack for colluding with the trial kingpin to evade a court order in a case regarding Hurricane Katrina claims.

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