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Worthwhile Canadian Initiative -- Really!

From The Financial Post:

An Ontario judge has taken the extraordinary step of ordering a Toronto man and his lawyer to pay $80,000 in legal costs to a pair of the world's biggest vitamin suppliers. The judge also barred the pair from launching a lawsuit over allegations stemming from the largest price-fixing settlement in Canadian history.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell told Lars Ingmar Soderstrom and his lawyer, J. Perry Borden, to knock it off -- stop the legal maneuvers against Hoffman- La Roche Ltd. and BASF Canada Inc. Judge Perell: "There has been repeated re-litigation of causes of actions, of issues, and of arguments, and there have been collateral attacks and circumventions of court orders. It is time for all of this to stop."

Justice Perell's ruling is available online, here.

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