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Mind-Numbing, Indeed

Forgot to include a Geoffry Fieger update in today's Around the Web entry. Jury selection ended, opening arguments were Thursday, and the tedium commenced today.

  • Detroit News: "Attorney Geoffrey Fieger's felony trial shifted Friday from the elevated drama of Thursday's opening statements to the mind-numbing numbers associated with a financial crime investigation."
  • Detroit Free Press: "A lawyer in Geoffrey Fieger's law firm testified in federal court today that he was proud to contribute $2,000 in 2003 to John Edwards' presidential campaign, and never felt under pressure to do so... "Absolutely, no way," attorney James Harrington IV testified under cross-examination by Fieger lawyer Gerry Spence.
  • And an earlier Freep story, highlighting the famed, flamboyant lawyer for the other famed, flamboyant lawyer being flamboyantly famous: "A lawyer for flamboyant lawyer Geoffrey Fieger put the federal government on trial today in the case against Fieger and partern Vernon (Ven) Johnson, who are accused of breaking campaign laws by illegally funneling money to John Edwards' 2004 presidential campaign....'The prosecution sees them only with one eye and it's the evil eye," famed Wyoming defense lawyer Gerry Spence told jurors in his opening statement this morning.'"
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