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Beat a Woman to a Pulp, Demand $10 Million in Damages

Last year, a gang of middle-schoolers riding on a Baltimore city bus beat the holy crap out of a woman because she failed to show them adequate respect. Appalling, brutal crime by kids so young, and it's been a continuing judicial/education/collapse-of-Western-civilization story in Baltimore. (Michelle Malkin has been keeping tabs.) This week, some justice: "A 15-year-old girl believed to be the ringleader of a vicious attack on a woman aboard a Maryland Transit Administration bus has been sentenced to a secure juvenile jail, called a 'residential treatment facility.'" Other teen attackers were sentenced to home detention except for two 15-year-olds, who were ordered to perform community service. And here's where law and common sense take a beating.

Attorneys for those two Baltimore teenagers meanwhile plan to sue the Maryland Transit Administration, the bus driver and the city school system.

The attorneys claim the students - both eighth-graders - were suspended from school and denied their bus privileges without a hearing or due process.

Attorney Quinton Herbert said his 15-year-old client is barred from riding MTA buses, and the city is paying for a tutor because the boy isn't allowed at school. Attorney Jay Ortis' client, also 15, has been accepted by a different school, but he also isn't allowed to ride on MTA buses, which double as school buses in the city.

Each boy is seeking at least $10 million in damages - $5 million each for the school suspension and the loss of bus privileges. That amount could increase if the lawsuit includes more complaints, Ortis said.

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