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Lobbying Lawsuit Update, II

We've got a new post up at Shopfloor.org with the latest on the National Association of Manufacturers' lawsuit against the "affiliated organizations" provisions of last year's lobbying disclosure law, AKA the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. The NAM decided to go ahead and file the names of the member companies covered by the new disclosure requirements, even as the legal challenge against the law continues.

Basic statement of principle comes from NAM President John Engler:

Denial of our request for an injunction does not address our basic challenge to the Constitutionality of this pernicious law which constitutes threatens the viability of business trade associations. It will require associations like the NAM to release the names of many members who contribute more than $5,000 for lobbying activities and who actively participate in the association's lobbying activities, violating their right to privacy, association, speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. The penalties for failure to disclose this information are severe. As businesses become aware of the serious implications of this law, many of them will curtail their membership or restrict their involvement in trade associations. The effect will be to compromise their First Amendment right to express their opinions in the legislative process, and also undermine trade associations which play a critical role in the development of public policy by government.
The Shopfloor.org posts links to the news coverage.

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