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Cheney at the Manhattan Institute

And the Vice President has some kind words for the publisher of this site:

In a few hours I'll be headed back to Washington. And there's one thing I could bring along with me from this city, it would be a good supply of the common sense and the fresh thinking of the Manhattan Institute. The scholars and fellows of the Institute have built one of the most impressive think tanks in the country. And you do more than dwell in the world of ideas -- you know how to build a case for reform and how to set events on a new track. Your influence has made the difference in fields from welfare reform and crime reduction, to education policy and the fight against terrorism. You're able to persuade policy makers because you state clear principles, gather solid evidence, and bring to the dialogue a spirit of good will and unyielding standard of intellectual honesty.



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


Published by the Manhattan Institute

The Manhattan Insitute's Center for Legal Policy.