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Why a judge booted out all whites from his courtroom

Very good story in the Fulton County Daily record (via Law.com) about Fulton County Superior Court Judge Marvin S. Arrington, who cleared his courtroom of white people so he could have a "fireside chat" with the black defendants assembled before him.

"It was not done for race reasons," said Arrington, who is black, explaining that he is confronted daily with a stream of criminal acts, "most committed by African-Americans."

"At some point, it needs to come to a halt," said the judge. He cited several cases of senseless violence -- killings over $15 worth of crack cocaine, a wristwatch or for no reason at all, even the night his own sister and brother-in-law were held up at gunpoint at the door of their Atlanta home -- that compelled him to try to reach the young defendants before him. "These young people are completely out of control," he said, adding, "People can't go to a gas station in my neighborhood at night without somebody coming up and putting a gun on them."



Rafael Mangual
Project Manager,
Legal Policy

Manhattan Institute


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