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Around the web, January 4

  • Aside from the terrorism-suit issue, Bush's pocket veto of defense bill also spared the country an expansion of the FMLA via military-related leave [Schwartz, Connecticut Employment Law Blog, Jottings of an Employer's Lawyer]
  • Even for those jaded by all the reports of Scruggs-duggery, the Kerri Rigsby deposition has some pretty amazing stuff regarding those stolen Katrina insurance files [Rossmiller]
  • Did California's lawsuit against EPA land in Ninth Circuit via venue gamesmanship, and if so who was the game-player? [Adler @ Volokh via ShopFloor]
  • We want your hard drive: one of the scarier discovery requests [NYLJ]
  • Attorney for asbestos-diagnosis figure Dr. Ray Harron denies that his client is hard to find [WV Record/earlier]
  • Justice at Stake campaign, which campaigns against (among other things) money in judicial elections, has new blog [Gavel Grab]



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